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New Featured Driving School in Bagshot...

More info: Driving Lessons in Bagshot

Please take a look at the Amigo Driving School website and read about our driving instructor in Bagshot


New Driving School in Walthamstow...

Fern now featured as Driving School in Walthamstow E17

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New Welwyn Garden City page...

Drive 121 School of Motoring is the featured school for Driving Lessons in Welwyn Garden City

More: Driving Lessons in Welwyn Garden City


New school added to our Harrow page...

Read about New Turn Driving School - our featured Driving School in Harrow

More: Driving Lessons in Harrow


Pinner added to Dream Driving...

Pinner, Middlesex is a new driving lesson area, which features Ashtons Driving School...

More: Driving Lessons in Pinner


Young Drivers - overhaul to the rules...

The government has announced plans to overhaul young driver rules to improve safety and reduce insurance costs. Among the proposals being considered are...

More: Young Drivers - overhaul to the rules


New Driving Licence Rules for Eyesight and Epilepsy...

Revised minimum driving licence standards for eyesight and epilepsy will apply under new rules announced by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond. The changes, which come into force from 8 March, mean that...

More: New Driving Licence Rules for Eyesight and Epilepsy


London MCN motorcycle show...

This year, the DSA are attending the London MCN Motorcycle Show on 15-17 February, along with their...

More: London MCN motorcycle show


Driving Test Examiner Strike Feb 1st cancelled...

All driving tests booked for Friday 1 February are now expected to go ahead as planned. The strike action had been scheduled to start from...

More: Driving Test Strike Feb 1st cancelled


Driving Test Examiner Strike 2013...

Driving test candidates with tests on 3 dates in February and March should still come for their test despite...

More: Driving Test Examiner Strike 2013


List of motorcycles used for test...

The list of motorcycles that can be used for practical tests has been turned into a new interactive tool...

More: list of motorcycles used for practical test


Driving Test Cancelled - Bad Weather...

Practical driving tests are not held in dangerous weather conditions, eg when the roads are icy. What to do if there's snow or ice...

More: Driving Test Cancelled - Bad Weather


Foreign Driving Licence Changes...

Law on driving licence exchange tightened to improve road safety. An inconsistency in the law meant that previously some non EU drivers were able to exchange their licence without...

More: Foreign Driving Licence Changes


Driving Tests At Halfords...

Plans to offer practical driving tests from branches of Halfords have been given the go ahead by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond...

More: Driving Tests At Halfords


Motorcycle tests almost sold out...

Motorcycle test slots are now nearly fully booked until 19 January 2013, the date when the new moped and motorcycle rules come into force...

More: Motorcycle tests almost sold out

Intensive Driving Courses
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Intensive Driving Courses are a great way to get a lot of Driving Lessons experience in a short space of time. Although they don't guarantee a driving licence, they can dramatically bring down the amount of time it takes a learner to get to test standard...

Intensive Driving Courses

Driving Lessons
Common Questions...

Driving Lessons - Get The Lesson You Want

We've taught many pupils. Nearly all of them had the same goal; pass the driving test as soon as possible, in as few driving lessons as possible.

You might be surprised to hear that over half of our pupils taking driving lessons come from other driving instructors!

Unfortunately most of the pupils have already paid £400 before they realised the lessons weren't good enough. The reason for this is because pupils don't know enough....

Choosing Your Driving Lessons

Book Driving Lessons - Select Your Region

We check all the websites on our recommended list so that you receive quality driving lessons.

Remember, driving lessons aren't cheap, so it's important you don't waste money just trying different Driving Instructors out.

We've taught many drivers and always recommend that learners ask Driving Instructors the right questions before they pay for any driving lessons.

Driving Instructors - Find a Driving Instructor

Many driving instructors are recommended by friends which goes a long way to explaining why so many pupils are wasting money on lessons....

Don't get me wrong, the industry relies on recommendations. I mean, if a friend says their driving instructor was good, you're probably going to contact them. The problem is - it doesn't mean they're good driving lessons!

Reasons why pupils didn't stay with a driving instructor....

Choosing a Driving Instructor



Teach Your Child to Drive - Get to Test Standard Faster - Cheap Driving Lessons

Teach Your Child to Drive Book

A unique book created specifically for parents, uncles, aunties, friends teaching their sons, daughters, nephews, neices to drive.

This book makes private driving lessons easy for anyone - with special teacher and learner pages on the left and right, it gives you a condensed and simplified lesson structure that follow the subjects taught by qualified driving instructors. Perfect to help your leaner get to test standard faster, helping you to save money on driving lessons.

For the price of just ONE driving lesson, why not try the Teach Your Child to Drive with the Teach Your Learner Book

ADIT Driving School based in Southall

We have been helping our pupils successfully pass the practical driving test for years. A local drivinmg school that originally started in Southall and has now expanded across Feltham, Slough, Uxbridge, Isleworth, Pinner, Hounslow, Greenford and Hayes.

Our fully qualifed male and female instructors are able to provide manual or automatic driving lessons to a high standard, with many learners recommending ADIT Driving School. Book your driving lessons with... ADIT Driving School

Driving Lesson Articles

Driving Lessons > Home > Articles

One to One driving lessons - say no to piggy backing!

'Piggy backing' used to be seen as part and parcel of driving lessons years back.

However, over the years it has gradually faded away due to improved instructor training which has lead to better quality services being provided by driving schools. Unfortunately, it hasn't disappeared completely and some driving instructors...

Continue to... One to One driving lessons - say no to piggy backing!

Understand what you're being taught

Learning how to teach is a skill; for the Driving Instructor, it's one of the most important (and difficult) parts of their training. Indeed, the final practical exam (ADI Part 3) focuses on a pupil ending the lesson with a clear picture of the subject that was taught and why they were taught it.

Perhaps it's surprising then, that a lot of pupils who come to us have no idea why they are carrying out even the most basic...

Continue to... Know why you're taught a certain way in your driving lessons

2 Hour Driving Lessons

A large number of learners opt for 2 hour driving lessons, and if cost wasn't a factor, almost every pupil would be doing the same thing.

The benefits of a longer driving lesson are obvious, at first glance, to everyone learning to drive. More time in the car means more of the syllabus gets covered during each session.

Actually, if we look more closely at a 2 hour driving lesson we find that the main advantage is...

Continue to... 2 hour driving lessons

Learning in every Driving Lesson

One of the reasons pupils decide to change their Driving School is because their Driving Instructor is not Teaching them during their driving lessons. It sounds ridiculous but can be fairly common, especially among instructors that have been teaching for a long time.

Years ago this wouldn't have seemed like such a bizarre concept because, although Driving Instructors have had a syllabus to follow for many years, there was...

Continue to... Driving Instructor not teaching during driving lessons

Pupil Progress Record

A fairly new phenomenon for many Driving Schools is the pupil progress record - whatever form that may take. Most schools design their own, but they always cover the same subjects, even if they're not in exactly the same order.

Some schools give the pupil...

Continue to... pupil driving lesson progress record

How Many Lessons?

A question we hear fairly often is 'how many lessons will I need?'. This is understandable when you work out how much pupils pay over a course of lessons (not forgetting the 2 tests). But it's a bit like the proverbial question - how long is a piece of string? Put another way, if you imagine 20 people...

Continue to... how many driving lessons do I need to pass the test

How Much Driving In A Driving Lesson?

A lot of learners ask us how much driving they should be doing during their driving lessons. After all, you'd expect the best way to learn to drive is by 'driving' wouldn't you?

Maybe a quick lesson in the way driving instructors are taught how to teach pupils will help...

Continue to... how much driving should I be doing in my driving lessons

Finding Good Driving Lessons

One of the main questions we get asked by learners and beginners is 'where can I find good driving lessons?'. Time and time again we hear about pupils wasting money on sub-standard driving lessons before they decide to move to a different school/instructor.

The key problem is that pupils don't know what to expect. Many will simply pay for lessons on the name of a school. Unfortunately, as many, many learners find out...

Continue to... finding good driving lessons

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons explained

What are Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons are one of the steps to passing the driving test and gaining a full driving licence. Whether you use a driving instructor, or your parents/friends to give you driving lessons, you won't be able to reach the standard required to pass the test without them.

The emphasis for the driving test is on safety, so we find that if a pupil has only been taught by friends or parents, they will retain 'bad' habits from the person teaching them. This is why it is crucial to have at least a few professional driving lessons with a qualified Driving Instructor.

More Info: Book Driving Lessons

How much are Driving Lessons?

Driving Lessons Prices

The price of Driving Lessons tends to be regional, so where you live in a city with lots of Driving Instructors offering deals, you will find you pay less than an area where there isn't such a big choice.

The prices shouldn't change too much though unless you decide to buy an intensive driving lesson course or pay in advance for a block booking of driving lessons - in which case you will be able to find cheaper driving lessons.

More Info: Book Driving Lessons

Do I need a Provisional Driving Licence

Driving Lessons Provisional Licence

You need a Provisional licence to be able to begin your car or motorbike driving lessons. You are allowed to apply for a provisional licence from the age of 16 year and 9 months old. The Provisional licence is valid for 10 years from date of issue.

More Info: Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence

Start lessons before the Theory Test

Driving Lessons Theory

You can start your driving lessons before you take (or book) the theory test.

During your driving lessons you will be dealing with situations, signposts and laws of the road which are all part of the theory test. Real life experience of these situations is great way to learn about the theory.

Also, any good Driving Instructor will be able to help with questions you have on the Theory Test during your driving lessons.

More Info: Book your theory test

How many lessons will I need?

There are no set number of driving lessons required. Every pupil learns at their own pace so it's up to you and your teacher to decide when you are ready to apply for the driving test.

Many full licence holders will exaggerate when talking about how many driving lessons it took them to pass the driving test.

One thing is for sure - the driving test is a lot harder now than it used to be, so it's highly unlikely that someone who 'passed after 10 driving lessons' would be near test standard today.

Finding good quality Lessons?

All beginners and learners are searching for the best driving lessons - it is, of course, a bit of a lottery unless you are lucky first time.

There are a few important factors that make for good driving lessons such as, the personality of the instructor and the standard of teaching.

At the end of the day, we always advise learners to look elsewhere if they aren't completely sure that they are improving and learning in each of their driving lessons.

More Info: Choosing Driving Lessons

Do I have to be insured to take lessons?

Driving Instructors have special insurance on their cars which allow learners to drive on the road.

If you practice in a private vehicle you must be insured - whether the vehicle is yours or belongs to a friend or family member.

Should I learn to drive a manual or automatic car?

There are advantages to both but at the end of the day - the choice is yours.

Manual Car: The majority of people will take driving lessons in a manual car. The main reason for this seems to be that once you have passed your test, there is a larger choice of cars.

There is also the question of price - manual cars are slightly cheaper to buy.

Your licence also enables you to drive an automatic and manual car.

Automatic Car: There a few reasons why people decide to take driving lessons in an automatic car.

Some pupils find learning to drive difficult - if they don't have to learn how to use the clutch and gears, it becomes slightly easier.

Some people don't see the point of learning to use gears and are quite happy to drive an automatic.

On the flipside, when you pass the driving test you'll only be allowed to drive an automatic car, although your licence will act as a provisional licence for a manual car.

When buying a car - there is less choice of automatic cars and they're slightly more expensive.

More Info: Book Driving Lessons

Should I learn with my parents (or friends)

One of the main reason parents like to teach their children to drive is to save money on driving lessons.

For example, the idea of paying someone to sit in a car to teach their son or daughter about the controls can seem like a waste of money. However, most Driving Instructors follow a curriculum in order to get pupils to test standard. Therefore, all professional driving lessons are relevant - whatever stage the pupil is at.

Having said that, it's completely understandable why parents want to pass on their driving knowledge to their children. And don't worry - Driving Instructors are skilled at removing bad habits learnt from parents or friends!!

There are increasingly tough standards required for the driving test and it's absolutely true to say that it's harder to pass today than it was 25 years ago. So, we always recommend that pupils, if possible, take extra practice away from the driving lessons. The main reason is - pupils that have extra practise virtually always reach test standard faster than pupils that don't (and of course, they save money on driving lessons).

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have the luxury of a parent's or friend's car to practise in, but if you're one of those who is, here are a few things to remember:

At first, make sure you practice driving lessons in a VERY quiet area - there should be as little traffic as possible. This reduces stress on the learner and teacher (a road is always better than a car park because it means the learner is getting 'real' life experience).

Never rush onto the next stage of driving - it's much better to finish practising with the learner and teacher in a good mood! That way, it's more likely that both parties will be open to more driving practice after the next professional driving lesson.

As you get more experienced, take the time to plan the route of your practise driving lessons - we've seen many learners banned from practising in their parent's or friend's car because of pressure on both parties! There's enough happening on the road without the added pressure of trying to sort out a route as you drive.

...and finally! For the record, we've never heard of a learner passing the modern driving test through driving lessons from their parents alone. Successful candidates always use extra driving practise to compliment professional driving lessons.

More Info: Teach Your Child To Drive